Life In Motion

Back acheWe have set ourselves the goal of bringing more movement into life and to enhance the quality of life through more fitness, health and wellbeing into everyday situations. That is the aeris philosophy.

Genetically speaking the human being is at the same stage as about 150,000 years ago. Our bodies are made for running, climbing, bending, stretching and jumping - not for hours of rigid sitting. But 80% of our total waking time is dominated by sitting.

This lack of movement is not easy to compensate. The consequences are ubiquitous - the modern human being suffers from backache, overweight and cardiovascular diseases.

Healthy Sitting Today is Quite Simple!

The latest findings make sitting correctly quite simple! The recipe:  movement

The more often you change your posture, the more often you change your sitting position, the more you keep in motion while sitting, the better you feel from head to toe. The aeris range of products  provides  three-dimensional compensatory movements when sitting, whereas conventional seats permit at most two-dimensional movements. All our active seats not only allow sitting in motion, but also support and encourage it, thus ideally fulfilling all today's requirements made by doctors and therapists for healthy sitting.

Why sitting in motion is important.

The vertebral chain only works when the pelvis is in a state of unstable balance. Balancing of the pelvis enables balancing of the vestibular-kinaesthetic system. The following processes are involved in particular:

Furthermore, active-dynamic sitting activates your sense of balance and movement functions. This puts you in a better position to be aware of your posture and control it.

In addition, sitting in motion keeps your body's neurophysiological functions "awake"; the nerve metabolism is stimulated, which makes you more alert and helps you concentrate better.